Santa Pod Meet - 11/3/2001


Santa Pod was the second meet I attended and was expected to attract most of the GT4OC and list members as this event had been heavily promoted on the list.

I had created a database on the list, to record interest, and we were looking forward to a good turnout - we weren't too disappointed.

Santa Pod, for those who don't know, is a drag strip in the heart of Northamptonshire. It was a 160 mile or so drive more me with Si and Wiggy riding shotgun. Paul B and Yvonne from Scotland had a loooong drive.

We got a bit lost on the way to Santa Pod, mainly due to Wiggy although he denies it, but we got there in the end. Getting into Santa Pod wasn't without incident as I drove the wrong way round a huge pile of gravel and got my shiny car plastered in mud. Paul B duly followed and his glorious white paintwork also turned a lighter shade of mud. Everyone thought we were boy racers - well it was our own fault.

A few other GT4's were there including Jeff Lamb, the only 4 to do the quarter mile on that day, Dan, Ricky, Adrian of fame, Ian of course.

The weather was looking bleak so only Jeff Lamb got a run in before the rain stopped play. Myself and Lee P, an ex 4 owner in his new Pulsar GTI-R, were lined up four cars from the start ready for a Nissan/Toyota shoot-out which unfortunately wasn't to be :-(

Rain really did stop play on this occasion but we all had a good laugh and saw a lot of other nice cars. A few spares changed hands and it was fun watching a tractor do a quarter mile time of about 5 minutes as it tried to sweep the water off the strip.

I neglected to get my camera out all day but managed to take some pictures on the way out.


We all headed to a pub later in the afternoon and had a shandy or two and passed the time away telling yarns about cars and reading the Celica manuals. I got to speak to Adrian for a while about life and cars down under but for some reason kept calling him Brian.

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