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Well I finally decided to revamp the website. Looking back at the site updates it had been nearly two years since I had done any ! A lot has happened since then in car ownership terms, which after all, was the main and original reason for this site.

Just a reminder then that K1ANO was my original 1992 Toyota Celica GT4 Carlos Sainz (ST185 CS). I owned this car between December 1995 and April 2003. It was unfortunately written off in April 2003 during a trip to the Nurburgring in Germany. Check out my ST185 CS page for details.

Between April 2003 and November 2003 I owned a 1988 Toyota Celica GT4 (ST165) which was a super car which became a veteran of the Nurburgring during my second trip in September 2003. Check out my ST165 page for details.

Then in October 2003 I bought a 1994 Toyota Celica GT4 WRC (ST205). This car did a couple of Nurburgring trips and got a nice newly rebuilt forged engine for it's troubles after ring-land failure in April 2005. Check out my ST205 WRC page for details. Between April 2005 and September 2005 I had a 1991 Toyota Celica GT4 Carlos Sainz. I part exchanged this in September 2005 for a 1991 Toyota Celica GT4 RC (ST185) with minor front end damage. I purchased this car with the intention of using it as a track-day hack.

In July 2006 I sold my ST205 WRC to a friend of mine. I then purchased a Renault Sport Clio V6 as a play car in July 2006, basically I needed a change from the GT4, and boy did I get one ! I still have the RC as my daily driver. So I guess I have come full circle and am back with a car basically the same as the one I bought in 1995.

I am an enthusiastic owner who likes to share tips and information with other owners in the UK and overseas.

Find out more about me, my cars or the history of the Toyota Celica GT4 Alltrac in the pages of this site - enjoy your visit.

Use the button links or sitemap to navigate the site and check the updates page for recent site changes.


the original K1ANO, owned for 8 years my ST165, stop gap after K1ANO was written off in 2003 K1ANO - reborn in late 2003!
a temporary run-about whilst the ST205 engine was rebuilt in 2005! my RC daily driver for 2006 ;-) my Cliosport V6 255 weekend car

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